Mini Doughnut Dessert - Vegan

 Mini Doughnut Dessert - Anatolian Vegan Dessert


  • White Flour (500ml - 2.5 Water Cup)
  • Warm Water (400ml - 2 Water Cup)
  • Dry Yeast (5g - 1 package)
  • White Sugar (1 Tablespoon)

For Frying:

  • Sunseed Oil (500ml - 2.5 Water Cup)

For Syrup:

  • White Sugar (400ml - 2 Water Cup)
  • Hot Water (300ml - 1.5 Water Cup)
  • Lemon Juice (4 drop)

How to Make Mini Doughnut Dessert? Vegan Anatolian Traditional Ramadan Lokma (Recipe)

  1. Add white flour in bowl. then add warm water, dry yeast, white sugar.
  2. Knead well.
  3. Take off top of the bowl with plastic wrap then wait for fermentation.(Wait 1 Hour)
  4. While dough fermentating, add water and sugar in pot than boil it.
  5. After sugar disolve, add lemon juice in syrup.
  6. After syrup boiled, turn heat off and wait until it gets room temprature.
  7. Knead dough well again.
  8. Make little balls from dough.
  9. Fry the dough balls in olive oil.
  10. After balls fried, add its in syrup and wait 10 seconds.
  11. After 10 Sec. Your Mini Doughnut's are ready!
  12. Serve it on plate with cinnamon powder.
Enjoy It!

You may it this dessert after Chickpea Wraps

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