Ship Ship Dessert - Vegan

 Ship Ship Dessert - Vegan Cold Dessert Bici Bici


For Pudding:

  • Water (4 Watercups)
  • Starch/Farina (6 Tablespoons)
  • Sugar (4 Tablespoons)

For Syrup:

  • Water (1 Liter)
  • Red Food Color (1 Pinch/Drop)
  • Rose Water (3 Tablespoons) or Vanilla Extract (1 Tablespoon)
  • Sugar (1 Teacup)

For Serve:

  • Grated Ice or Fresh Snow
  • Powder Sugar
  • Banana or anykind of fruit 

How to Make Cold Ship Ship Dessert? Vegan Anatolian traditional cold dessert from Adana

  1. To make pudding, add 4 watercups of water in pot.
  2. Add starch and sugar in pot. Stir well.
  3. Cook and stir with medium heat until boil. (Lid Off)
  4. Add starch pudding in fridge until it gets pudding consistence.
  5. To make syrup, add rosewater, food color, sugar in bowl and stir well.
  6. Grate ice or add ice in food processor to grate.
  7. Cut pudding in cubic shapes.
  8. Add cutted puddings in serving bowls and add powder sugar top of it for each bowl.
  9. Add grated ice in serving bowls and add powder sugar again for each bowl.
  10. Add banana or anykind of fruit top of bowls.
  11. Ship ship dessert is ready!
Enjoy it!

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