Pasta with Vegetables

 Pasta with Vegetables - Vegan Anatolian Mediterranean Recipe


  • Pasta (250gr - Half Package)
  • Frozen Pea (100ml - 1/2 Watercup)
  • Broccoli (250gr)
  • Fresh Mushroom (150gr)
  • Garlic (3 Cloves)
  • Olive Oil (4 Tablespoon)

How to Cook Pasta with Vegetables? Fresh Vegan Anatolian and Mediterranean delicious healty (Recipe)

  1. Boil pasta in pot. Cook after 10 minutes when it boils.
  2. Drain pasta's water.
  3. Boil broccoli's in another pot.
  4. Add olive oil in pot.
  5. Chop mushrooms coarsely.
  6. Add mushrooms in pot.
  7. Cook mushrooms until they release the water, then turn heater low after 3 minutes.
  8. Add boiled broccolis and green peas in pot.
  9. Roast all ingredients.
  10. Add drained pasta in pot and stir well.
  11. Our recipe is ready!
Enjoy it!

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