Stewed Apricot Compote

 Stewed Apricot Compote - Vegan Anatolian Traditional Recipe


  • Dried Apricot (250gr)
  • Peeled Almond (50ml - 1/2 Teacup)
  • Sugar (200ml - 1 Watercup)
  • Water (800ml - 4 Watercup)

How to Make  Stewed Apricot Compote? Traditional Vegan Anatolian Ramadan Dessert (Recipe)

  1. Wash apricots.
  2. Add washed apricots in pot.
  3. Add water in pot. Wait 1 hour without heat.
  4. Add sugar and peeled almond in pot. Turn heat on.
  5. Cook with medium heat. 30 mins.
  6. Serve it when it reaches room temprature.
Enjoy it!

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