Fava - Vegan Anatolian Appetizer


  • Dried Broad Beans (1 Watercup) 
  • Onion (1 Piece - Medium Size)
  • Salt (2 Teaspoons)
  • Cube Sugar (1 Piece)
  • Water (4 Watercups)
  • Olive Oil (1 Tea Glass)
  • Lemon (1 Piece)
  • Dill (30 Gr)

How To Cook Fava? Delicious Traditional Anatolian Appetizer

    1. Let’s soak the beans in water the night before and wash them.

    2. Let’s drain the water and put it in the saucepan.

    3. Let’s peel the shells of the onion, cut it into small cubes and add it to pot.saucepan.

    5. Let’s cook the broad beans until they are soft.

    6. Let’s pass it through the blender after it is cooked.

    7. Put the baked beans on the plate and rest for 1 night in refrigerator.

    8. Let’s mix the lemon juice and olive oil.

    9. Let’s pour it on the fava.

    10. Let’s chop the dill and serve it.

Enjoy it!

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